Security: The Human Factor

Pay for Security: The Human Factor - Paul KearneySecurity: The Human Factor-Address human vulnerabilities with this essential guide –

Your business information is likely to be much more valuable than the hardware on which it is stored.

The loss of a laptop might set you back GBP400, but if the files on the laptop included sensitive customer data or the blueprint for a new product, the cost of repairing the damage would run into thousands.

The consequences of a data breach range from alienating customers to heavy fines, or even criminal prosecution.

While technologies, such as antivirus software and encryption, can offer some protection against cybercrime, security breaches are most often the result of human error and carelessness.

Improving information security within your organization, therefore, has to encompass people and processes, as well as technology.

Motivating your team and making them more aware of security concerns should be at the heart of your information security strategy.

At the same time, the processes you have in place to address information security issues need to be straightforward and properly understood if you want your employees to adhere to them.

This pocket guide is based on the approach used by BT to protect its own data security – one that draws on the capabilities of both people and technology.

The guide will prove invaluable for IT managers, information security officers and business executives.

Author: Kearney, Paul
Publisher: IT Governance Publishing
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Title: Security: The Human Factor
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